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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Money, Money, Money

So I guess a few of you may be correct and I am not blogging as much as I should or used to be able to do.

It has been a very busy two weeks since my last blog, and the recurring theme in my life seems to be about money. I lost my wallet last week. I didn't realize until the next morning when I was packing my bag for school. I searched all through my room, apartment, and the apartment next was no where to be found. At school I looked in the many different locations and learned how to say wallet in Hebrew, "arnak." It is gone. I had maybe 50 sheckels in it but it had my school id, driver's license, credit cards, and insurance card. I'm still waiting for the new credit card in the mail, and in the mean time I've been able to borrow money from friends.

This past friday night, Talya Tziporah, no not my sister, but Californian from next door, and I made Shabbat dinner for 8 of us. Everyone brought something and we had a ton of leftovers. I even ate some today, and thank G-d they have lasted so long, because I really don't have money. Everyone at school has been jealous of our lunches, and were kinda bummed that they had other plans and couldn't come to our dinner. And yes mom, my chicken was a hit. It was a very funny and interesting night. The guest list included, Ana, from Ukraine, did highschool in Boston and did a year of Political Science at Northeastern before coming to IDC, oh and she is 17. Next there is, Sara from New Jersey. Then Yosef who is 6'5", and his roommate Yehuda, both of whom made Aliyah with their families when they were children and grew up in Efrat. Guy, South African, about to be released from the Army and go back to South Africa before coming back to IDC next year, Talya's friend.

School rules our lives. I haven't left Herzliyah since I saw Moran in Tel Aviv for breakfast. It is a very interesting adjustment to college life. Not what I expected and still trying to figure out if that is a good or bad idea.

IDC is a very, very, very interesting and entertaining place. You have people not only from every part of the world but from all different walks of life in Israel. IDC may be Israel's Beverly Hills 9021o (YNet's comparison not mine), but there are still some amazing people here.

Oh and my final roommate finally moved in. Chana, she is 19 from New Jersey. She did a seminary last year in Jerusalem and met a guy and is now engaged to Elran.

My rooming situation is again very interesting. My actual roommates and I have very different schedules so I really don't see them that much but I am at my neighbor's place all of the time. I have my room and their apartment.

Last night, I went with Jenni and Talya (quasi roommates) to go learn at this place called Discovery. We didn't exactly know what to expect, but we will get paid for religious studying. So I of course put a skirt on, and I was looking very religious. Hopefully I'll be able to work the hours into my schedule, it sounds like they will be good lectures and classes and even shabatots around Israel. So yes, parents, I might be getting a Jewish education while I am here.

Halloween is this weekend. I cannot believe that November is just around the corner. It feels as if I have been here for like 2 months, and it is only the 3rd week of school.

This weekend I'm looking forward to relaxing and a lot of reading, and a workshop project to complete. and hopefully maybe a storm?! that is what the weather men are saying....



  1. You are getting paid to learn? WTF?
    Miss you a lot.

  2. um same question as jessica but that sounds so cool. did ana hate northeastern? and gosh there are soo many talyas, i dont feel as special. i think you have started a theme of titling your blogs with song titles. miss you. love you.

  3. Hi Rachel-I love your blog! Great descriptions. Your college sounds very colorful. I am so glad you took charge and found your way out of that desert....40 years is a long time. Thanks again for hauling Olivia's suitcase of love- Have a great time and keep on writing.
    Love, Aunt Alice